Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Some of you may remember what happened around here in February?

Thing is, that dining room is still not completely put back together, and I'm only partially to blame for it. There are still a few little things that the construction company has to come back for and finish. Not the least of which is that we are now hearing a new drip in the ceiling where they laid the new pipe and let me tell you I am just not entirely ready to face what needs facing. We have been after them to come back, played phone tag and letter writing, and been given nothing more than promises.

I am a pretty gentle person, as is my husband, but in weak moments we have been thinking up mean ways to discredit that contractor... on whose good side (if there is one) we need to stay if we want him to finish what he still needs to finish.

Meanwhile, the windows haven been bare. Which isn't so bad in the winter. But recently, the weather has been warming up quite a bit, the sun rising ever higher, and warming the place up more and more.

Yesterday morning, I lugged my trusty old Kenmore sewing machine into said dining room, dug up some fabric remnants, and made us some shades.

Please be gentle with me as you take a look, I only know the very basics of sewing, having never made much more than simple window treatments and the kids' Halloween costumes over the years.

And speaking of stitches: went back to the surgeon today to have the row of steristrips removed that had covered my suture. I asked how many stitched he put in?
Oh, he said, it's just a running stitch.
That man has some mean sewing skillz, I tell you. I feel entirely put back together, if not still a bit sore.


  1. Very pretty shades! I hope that contractor comes back and finishes his work. How frustrating!!!


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