Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A burst drainpipe downstream from the upstairs bathroom sink


insurance estimator

open wall and ceilings

day two of at least 4 days of work ( I am expecting more)

thank goodness for knitting and being able to add to Alison's pile of hats for friends who need them

The insides of a 1925 house make for a rather interesting backdrop for this hat which I made on 1/30; also to be donated, to a local refugee organization.

These are not 'raveled' yet...soon, I hope.
Happy Knitting!


  1. hi Karin, they are cute designs. Did you use your PS yarn? And where can we find the patterns? I see the Berroco pattern feature Abbi and family is on the WEBS website.

  2. are you doing anything for the knit olympics?

  3. It's always something with older houses. Yes, indeed, thank goodness for knitting! I think it's beautiful that you're knitting for others as you work your way through this unexpected stress!

  4. Beautiful hats! Good luck with the house repairs!!

  5. Thank you! And wow, your house was well built. We found the same sort of thing when we went down to the studs on our house: ours was braced for earthquakes in this 1955 house better than current code requires. (The electrical wiring, on the other hand, was unspeakably bad.)


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