Sunday, May 2, 2010

what a day!

Saturday was a fabulously beautiful, sunny day. Shoppers, aka my dear knitting friends, came bright and early, and picked out their favorites.

Leah, on the right, was in charge of the Periwinkle Sheep yarns up on our little deck. Hey Jody, watcha got there?

Jody was in charge of the cash out for the Yarn Yard Sale. Thank you to all my wonderful helpers!! I couldn't have done this without you!

Shelly drove all the way from Gloucester, MA, to come to the sale! I know her from my ravelry group Stash Knit Down.
The irony is not lost on me that someone is on a Stash reduction rav group and then drives 3.5 hours to go to a stash sale. But you all know how it is: some days, you just need to get in the car and go for a drive! That's what Shelly did, and she even hand delivered a blanket square for an afghan that our group is putting together for one of our members.

Leah and Amy winding yarn straight from one of the bins.

My smallest visitor needed a cheerios break. :)

Thank you thank you everyone that came to my sale. I hope you are all happy with your purchases - let me know what you are going to make! I am just so glad that all that yarn went to good homes. I feel so much lighter now!
The whole thing kind of wiped me out - the week of sorting and bagging, and not getting much sleep the night before from all the anticipation. I took a two hour nap after clearing away the bins. Out of 13, I only had 5 left with yarn in them!
Later in the afternoon, Dear Husband and I went to Washington Park to see the tulips in bloom, and to go have some dinner. I post tulip pictures every year, so if you're getting tired of it, now's the time to go read another blog. ;)

This group of pansies snuck in. "We're here to see the tulips!"

Walk back through the park after dinner at one of our favorite Indian restaurants.


  1. 13 bins down to 8? I am impressed!! Are you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams now?

  2. Looks like you had beautiful weather and lots of fun at your sale! Thanks for the great tulip photos. There can never be too many!!!

  3. Yeah!!! It was a beautiful day and your yard was so lovely as well! I met nice folks and only gave into a "little" temptation. That white yarn was calling my name and so I want to make the Beach House Pullover in the new Interweave Knits. It looks so cool and would be great at the beach or anywhere!! Maybe I will start it on Thursday night or maybe I will start the new HenleyWithaTwist pattern. So many choices!!

  4. I wanted to come up to visit but decided it was much better for my wallet to stay away. ;o) Lovely tulips!

  5. I'm planning to make a sweater for Garth out of the yarn I bought. He liked a pattern in an Interweave Knit magazine. I think I'll finish the shawl you started and who can't use more sock yarn???

    It was a great day and a most enjoyable shopping experience! See you Thursday!

  6. I really enjoyed helping out and the weather was perfect for your gathering. Thanks for the yarn. I see some really great Chicks donation projects in the future. And thanks for the beautiful tulip photos. I won't get a chance to see them in person this year but your photos made me feel like I did!

  7. I have to tell you a story. I got home with my new yarn and swift and told Kevin I would give him $2 for every ball he wound for me. Then I went out to soccer, softball and play. While I was gone, Kevin not only wound the new yarn, but got into my stash and wound every skein he could find. I owe the kid $130!! Had a great time at the sale. Cathy

  8. I had a great visit! The yard was lovely, the yarn was lovely, the weather was lovely. What more could you want? The tulip photos are great-- I got over there this afternoon to see them in person.

  9. Oh wow, the tulips are beautiful!

    Thanks for selling me a whole bunch of awesome yarn. :D Some of the yarns will help me use up what I have, too. Plus, I got an older magazine with a cardigan pattern I must make!

  10. Hi Karin,
    I love my PS sock yarn and feel like a Junkie,I must have more..I'll be planning a trip to the MAss.Sheep and Wool fest to get another fix of that lovely,vibrant colored sock yarn of yours!!!!!!!!!
    I got the Beautiful Green colored you had just dyed:-)Its so pretty I have to remind myself to knit with it.

  11. it was such fun and as you know i didn't want to leave. i am making my first pair of orange periwinkle sheep socks which are moving along quickly. i am thinking of making frannie a "swing thing" with the rose worsted periwinkle sheep yarn i scored. she needs a school sweater for the fall!

    thanks for having me over to share in the beautiful day!

  12. Cathy, your kid wound 65 balls of yarn?! Does he do laceweight cones...?! Wow.

    Karin, your tulips are a sight to happily behold, as are your friends. Well done. (Wish *I* could have been there, but airfare is dear.)

  13. Alison, he did it without breaking a sweat. I am sure he could be talked into doing a laceweight cone - if the price was right! Cathy

  14. Karin, I love the yarns my mom picked out for me - I knew it would be impossible to go wrong in a stash that belonged to YOU! I really wish I could have been there, but my *representative* did such a great job, I can't complain! Now I just have to wait until the next time I see her so I can take possesion and play with all my lovely new aquisitions! Jillian

  15. Jillian,
    I am so glad you like everything. Yes your mom did a great job, I was very impressed. She knows you well! Of course that list helped a lot. :)
    Hope you make it "home" soon.

  16. I sooo wish I had been there. For the tulips as well as the yarn :)


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