Friday, September 17, 2010

yarn news

I have been dyeing like crazy the last couple of week, to get ready for three fiber festivals that are coming up one after the other. The first one is next weekend, on the Washington County fairgrounds, the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival. Last year was a blast!

I'll give you a few snapshots of some new colorways, and others that you may have seen before. I've put some of them in my etsy store, as well. If you go and read the introduction on the shop's front page, you will notice an announcement. :)

All skeins pictured here are watercolors II sock yarn. It's 400 yards of superwash merino fingering weight, and I love dyeing it...and knitting with it....wish there were more hours in the day!


silver lining

jaded; silver lining; navy


chai; memories of summer; sunny yellow; terracotta

sweet plum; suede; hot pink

deep forest; ink; avocado

That's it for this little entry today!

I hope you are all doing well.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

away we went

This summer was a doozie. There were more tragedies, major life events, and serious surgeries and news from doctors happening to friends and family than I have fingers for on one hand. Wham, one after the next. Didn't know who to knit or cook for first. I hate it when I have to triage my friend's needs! Thank goodness my arms were never running out of hugs. 

Then the guy upstairs must have known that we needed a break, and 10 days before we knew we were able to get away, I found a small cottage on Cape Cod and it was for rent for that week and we went. Thank you, God.

The weather was good on most days, we alternated  a couple of beach days with sightseeing and our little family pod had fun. It was nice to just be together, pack a cooler every day and go out there, explore, or be lazy, sun ourselves and read books.

6 days of vacation, the first in 6 years. Not sure when we can do it again, but just being able to look at these pictures and say "I am so glad we did that" goes a very long way....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new doors opening

A heatwave has struck once again. Yesterday, the temperature on my dash read:

I was out the door with this selection of watercolors II sock yarn

for a new shop in Troy, NY, "anchor no.5 boutique". It's a consigment shop for local artists and crafters, which is opening this week on River Street in Troy a couple doors down from Market Block Books. (Locals, you might remember The Paper Sparrow? This new shop is in the same spot.) It's like an etsy market come to life!

I wish the owner all the best in her new endeavour. I am really looking forward to the craft nights that will be happening in the fall and winter!