Friday, April 29, 2011

even more orchids! other plants, too!

If you are sick and tired of orchids and don't like flowering trees, you might as well skip this entry, and I'll see you tomorrow. For the rest of you, here you go. :)

I've had a fascination with bougainvillea, just because of the name...I'd never seen one of them in real life, , only read about them in books.

the most amazing scent comes from these flowers...

I'll give you a rest now with the orchids. I'll also skip over the part where we visited a rainforest and a desert. I'll tell you, those glasshouses just went on and on...

We went and sat in the cafe for a bit to rest our feet, then went on a tram tour. Very informative and worth it. I should have given it to you yesterday, but here is the official website of the gardens.

Here are some outdoor shots. Blooming lovely to behold.

During the tram tour, we passed a magnolia grove. We walked back to it later, over the Bronx River and through a part of the oldest native forest in the Bronx.

I'll leave you among the magnolia trees.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Well it turns out I need a whole lot more time to get organized than just a week.

I bet you knew that all along.

I lasted all of three days before I couldn't help it anymore and I HAD to dye some yarn. I also had to do some silk scarf dyeing for a couple of shops in the area which need them for Mother's Day.

Just darting around receiving more shipments of yarn for dyeing, or sitting and spinning, or knitting here and there to get at least one WIP done, well all of that doesn't give you a single word to read on here.

So I am sitting myself down to blog -- how about that orchid show we went to last week? I took about 300 bear with me while I sift and just give you a small portion of that gorgeousness. I'm going to tell you right away that by the end of the day, after we had not only seen the orchids but also taken a tour of the gardens, we became members of the New York Botanical Gardens, and are looking forward to going back many more times this year.

OK - here goes, get lost in the pictures!

cloud banks in the Catskills

Tappan Zee bridge

ahhhh....the Gardens.

valley of the daffodils

Haupt Conservatory

Crafty Girl

Well, maybe that's enough for one day.

More tomorrow. :)