Monday, May 17, 2010

small stuff, big steps

The surgeon called this morning to check up on me and let me know that all pathology reports came back negative. I never really had any doubt, but it's good to know for sure!

Right after surgery, my calcium levels were so low that they gave me calcium intravenously and orally. After I got home, I had to take 3000 mg a day, plus magnesium, Vitamin D and C to help absorb and digest the calcium. Since I cannot have dairy, my husband got me a stack of soy yogurts and coconut milk custards (yum! chocolate! And I was eating that for my health!) which I ate in addition to the calcium tablets.
There are 4 tiny parathyroid glands behind the thyroid, which got a bit jostled and stunned during the removal of the thyroid and the golfball sized nodule I had. They regulate the calcium levels in your body.

All week, I was supposed to watch myself for signs of low calcium, and today was able to report that I had none. So as of today, I no longer need to take vast amounts of calcium.

Meanwhile, I was grateful I could knit even the tiniest bit every day! I had made the back of this little sweater before I went in the hospital. I cast on for the front last Wednesday.

I finished it this evening - it's going to one of my husband's colleagues, who just had a little boy not too long ago.

Pattern: Mock Cable and Basketweave Cardigan and Sweater by Melinda Goodfellow/Yankee Knitter Design
Size made: 6-12 months
Yarn: 2 skeins Berroco Comfort DK
Needles: size 4 and 5.


  1. Oh I am so happy you are doing so much better.
    The sweater is absolutely adorable.

  2. Congratulations! That's great news!

    And now I'm wondering what the signs of low calcium could be...

    A lovely sweater, also!! :)

  3. Hi Karin, glad you're feeling better,back to knitting and having an amazing recovery:-)

  4. Quinn,
    I am sorry I neglected to put that in there. I was supposed to look for numbness and tingling in my hands and face.

  5. I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. That baby sweater is beautiful! I love the stitch pattern.

  6. So glad to hear the results are negative and that you are feeling better. I love the sweater!

  7. Yay yay and YAY on the path report! Knitting for a baby to celebrate sounds perfect to me.

  8. Good to know that things are getting back to normal:)

  9. Cute sweater! I'm glad your calcium levels are normal now, it's always surprising to me how delicate our bodies are.

  10. Oh your knitting is just beautiful! I am going to look up that pattern - its so sweet! Glad you are on the mend and getting lots of knitting in!

  11. Good news about you and your recovery! And the sweater is beautiful. What a lucky little boy to have you for a friend! Keep healing so well and hope to see you soon.

  12. So glad everything is moving in the right direction. Our bodies may be delicate but they can also be very resiliant. And you are doing so well!!!
    Are you back to being able to eat everything you could before the surgery? The baby sweater is so adorable!

  13. Amy, I've been eating like a lumberjack.


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