Friday, November 25, 2011

untold stories

Good morning everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day was wonderful and you are able to take some time to knit this weekend.

The fall festival season was very busy and I am hugely grateful to everyone who came out to help and most especially to buy my yarns. Your support means more than you can ever imagine. I love dyeing these beautiful yarns and I am just so happy that you like the colors and enjoy knitting with them. Thank you for putting up project pages on ravelry so others can see what Periwinkle Sheep yarns look like knitted up.
Thank you also for recommending my yarns to your local yarn shop, wherever you are. I have gotten some inquiries! Right after Rhinebeck I had to fill several orders.
On October 30th, as I was getting ready to take a couple of knitting classes at one of my LYSs, I threw my back out really badly. It turned out to be annular tears in 2 discs. I was on the road to recovery, well aware that this is a slow process. I thought I was being so good, but just this past Monday I hurt my back again and have been pretty useless ever since.
I am trying to come to grips with this situation, which truthfully could not have come at a worse time. I need to stock up my online shops, I need to fill orders for yarn shops, get color cards out etc. Meanwhile, I can’t even put socks on my own two feet.
My doctor tells me this back issue could take several more weeks to heal. Sitting and knitting is not really an option either, I can’t sit upright for more than it takes to eat a meal at this point. I am learning to knit socks while lying flat on my back. :)My family has been tremendously helpful in the day to day operations of the household, and I am thankful for that.
I am now trying to decide whether to declare a dyeing hiatus for the time being, or at least until after the New Year. I have great things planned for the new year - I am going to introduce a new yarn or two that I am very excited about.
Could I ask you to hang in there with me? I know it never looks good when a dyer just suddenly drops from the face of the earth after being such a presence at various festivals. If you could help spread the word for me that I am temporarily out of commission, that would help me a lot.
Of course I do still have stock here Periwinkle Sheep headquarters, i.e. my home, and I will put yarn up online as soon as possible.
But in order to be able to keep doing what I love doing so much, I need to take this back problem seriously and not lift dyepots too soon.
I know I have your support, and thank you for letting me put my situation out there. Have a great holiday weekend!

eta: this is an adapted version of a note I wrote on the Periwinkle Sheep forum on ravelry.