Friday, May 7, 2010


To get ready for Cummington (the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair, Memorial Day weekend) before my surgery on Monday, I needed to get dyeing this week. Kay of Sliver Moon very graciously accepted my delivery today so she can take my yarn with her when she sets up the booth. She's been inviting me to join her for three years running, and I am very grateful to have this awesome outlet for my yarn!

The following pictures are of my new sock yarn called 'Oh so fine!' (which name I am constantly debating. I tend to overthink these things, maybe. But I chose the name not because it's a finer gauge than my other sock yarns, but because it takes color in a really fine, unusual way...never ask a poet to name yarns.)

"Memories of Summer" on the drying rack

'Deep Blue Sea'

' Juniper'




an overdyed, as yet unnamed batch of watercolors II sock yarn.

Here is a new kid on the block: this yarn is not for sale just yet, I only ordered a very small batch to try. Now I have the terrible task of having to test knit this blend of 50% silk/50% superwash merino wool...

Compared to the 100% superwash merino next to it, it has an exquisite sheen. It feels very soft....

...and takes dye in an interesting way, too! Of course I expected as much, having seen silks and silk blends plenty of times, but it's somehow different when you get to pull it out of your own dyepot. These 5 skeins were dyed together, colorway "Truffle":

This next batch is a black overdye of a bright yellow, and I'm calling it 'Goth'. Represented here in the "watercolors" sock yarn.

And lastly, a group portrait of "Oh so fine!"

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope to see you at Cummington!
And for all you moms out there, I hope you will have a splendid Mother's Day this weekend. My husband is picking our son up from college as we speak, his sophomore year is over already! I'll be glad to have them both back home again Saturday night. Annemarie and I will go to the Tulip Festival tomorrow, as is our tradition. And my Mother's Day wish? All of us going to see "Iron Man 2" on Sunday.
Somehow this earned me "cool mom" status this week among the middle school set.


  1. What lovely yarns. Hope you enjoy Iron Man 2.

  2. Your new color looks like an impressionist painting, so how about "Renoir" or "Giverny" for a color name?

  3. Karin - I love the batch of overdyed yarn - those colors are great. Happy Mothers Day to you, too and good luck on Monday - we are all thinking of you. Karyn

  4. Your unnamed Watercolors II reminds me of a Monet painting of the gardens at Giverny. I love the colors!

  5. Happy Mother's Day! It's a fine thing to have a college-age son back home, I tell you! (Mine got in last night.)

  6. The yarn looks great! I hope you had a good time at the Tulip Festival. All 4 of us went together. I can't remember the last time we did that! It was fun in spite of the on again off again rain. I'll be thinking of you Monday and sending positive thoughts your way.

  7. You are in my prayers this week!


  8. Iron Man 2???

    Exactly what I asked for from my crew...and I got popcorn, too!


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