Monday, February 27, 2012

since I last saw you

March sock kit has been sent out to subscribers

 and there are no individual ones available right now.

Things have been knitted.

The cat still likes to help me knit. Especially important since I am trying to knit up 12,000 yards between 2/15 and 3/31.
(I was in the middle of updating my project pages on ravelry, but -- see note at end of post. I am barely able to publish this entry.)

Spring is here way too early.

Tall Son was home to help us celebrate Dear Husband's 50th birthday and Crafty Girl's 15th birthday!! While we were at it, we also celebrated him finding a job last month for after college. Hooray!

Looking to tomorrow, I'm going in for a little bit of a procedure on my delicate female parts. I'll be in the hospital for a day and then in recuperation mode through the end of the month. I dyed the yarn ahead of time through June for the sock club, so no worries there. Local yarn shops have been stocked. :)
However I am unable to fulfill any extra orders for a few weeks. Once I am able to move about, I'll put what I have on hand on etsy (my shop there is in vacation mode for now) and in the Periwinkle Sheep online shop. So far I seem to have an audience for both shops so I am keeping them.

I am only a tad afraid of tomorrow's procedure, but alas it must be done. Meanwhile leave me and the other readers something to laugh about, a joke, a link to a cartoon, a funny video...I'd love for all of us to share some smiles.

(I would love to give proper credit to this artist. Who?)

A final note: this here little laptop has been acting up, it's over 5 years old and it might be time for a new one...I'll be putting it to sleep for now, and I'll see you in a few days.