Sunday, August 2, 2009

the time has come

...where I have completely and utterly convinced myself that I am no good, that I do not have enough yarn to sell, that my colors are worthless, and nobody will buy them. (Well, if the colors are worthless, then it's a good thing I don't have enough, right?)

Pre-sock-summit jitters are no fun, I tell you.

I did find a picture I must have taken before I packed everything up, of the lovely balls of roving I got from Eileen Testo of Weston Hill Farm, a 45 min. drive from my house.

She gave me 6 colors of these, handdyed by her from wool from her sheep, to go with the Luminary Colorway line-up. These are in honor of Judy MacKenzie McCcuin, a most excellent spinning teacher. I simply cannot think of a more perfect addition to the collection, because the roving will also represent New York State at the Summit.

And here then are all the Luminary Panel Colorways.

Top row left to right:

Undyed sportweight merino, "alpha", for Elizabeth Zimmermann. I think she would have liked it.
The rest are sock yarns:
- Sun Yellow for Cat Bordhi, a very bright star in the sock knitting universe.
- Lucy's Hot Pink Hair for Lucy Neatby.
- Barbara's Bold Red for Barbara Walker.
- Sophisticated for Nancy Bush.
- Royal Purple for Meg Swansen. (If you're knitting royalty, you need royal purple).

Bottom row left to right:
- Crapshoot for Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.
- Ink for Deborah Robson (she is a book publisher).
- Black/Turquoise for Anna Zilboorg.
- Navy with a Kick for Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.
- Alpha in superwash merino sock for Tina Newton of Blue Moon.

Yes, I decided to have undyed sock yarn in the mix for Tina Newton, who is one of the world's best dyers. I thought to myself, what could I possibly have in common with this outstanding dyer?? Who is running one of the most successful dye businesses? Who organized the Sock Summit? Well, I thought, there is one thing we have in common.

We both start with undyed yarn. It seemed only fitting.

These very skeins and a ball of roving will be donated for the Opening Reception raffle, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders.

I will have an entire table set up in my booth that will have these colors on display, and part of the proceeds from the sale of the Luminary Panel colorways will go to DWB as well. I pledged up to $300.

The Sock Summit is a mighty good thing for all of us vendors, and I am glad to have a chance to give back a little.


  1. So now is also the time for deep breaths and reflections about how far you have come, for pride in the wonderful colors and the thoughtfulness of the Luminary Colorways. We are all so proud of you and send you off with all of the good wishes we can send. Have fun (and breath)

  2. I know the feeling!! You have nothing to worry about though, your colors are beautiful!!! I keep thinking - man, I just know almost all my yarn is going to be coming back home!!!

  3. Hey---you did not tell me that Eileen Testo gave you roving!!!!! Way to go!!! You know how much I adore her! I am pleased to think that I may have brought you two together (two of my favorite people were destined to meet! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures. Now stop worrying and just have an amazing time. The yarn is great, the colors are luscious and the sock knitting was a blast. So go and represent!!!

  4. Trust me, Karin, I am an EXPERT purchase of sock yarn (ask my husband, ask my kid), and when I was in the shop in Altamont in June I feel for 3 skeins. And not just because I "know" you from emails.

  5. we are all here to tell are great! your yarn is gorgeous and you are going to have a blast selling your yarn and meeting incredible knitters.

  6. Hi Karin, let me just say that I wish you the best of luck and am sure you will not only have a wonderful time but be are going to do wonderfully with your sales. I thought you were pretty great the first day I met you & still do! That is so cool that you have fiber from Eileen! I sadly haven't seen her since last fall but love her to death! And her fiber! (I must call her now before I forget...well not now, it's 12:22am! Eek!)I'm such a hermit.
    Have a great and safe trip. Can't wait to "hear" all about it when you get back. Take a breath & enjoy yourself! You are amazing :-)
    Diane S.

  7. Karin good luck! personaly I am looking forward to buying all the yarn those sock summiters don't get to first. I have just bought hot pink form Liz and am really enjoying knitting it up. I hope to get a hank of the crapshoot. Knock em dead and we'll see you upon your triumphant return.



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