Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sock Summit - day 1

You have all been patiently waiting for me to post something, anything about the Sock Summit. I got home this morning, after an overnight flight with no sleep. I had to take a good long nap to get through today!

Anyway, last Wedensday, Aug 5th, I arrived at the Portland airport and saw this young man greeting sock summiteers in the baggage claim area; he was with a shuttle service.

A banner at the Convention Center. (Still trying to rotate images. Not doing so well.)
(I can knit in the round pretty well, though.)

It was too early yet to check into the hotel, so I went across the street to see what was going on at the CC.

Large groups of knitters were already registering for their classes. (Stephanie was everywhere the whole weekend, making sure things were running smoothly, alongside Tina Newton, the Sock Teams, and an army of volunteers.)

The exhibit hall, during set-up.

I had a great spot, Blue Moon was right behind me. Lisa Souza across from me.

And then, lo and behold, Lucy Neatby stops by! What a nice surprise. As you will see in the coming days, it wasn't the last time, either...
Ernest the rooster always has to pose, too! (It's really Lucy's purse.)

That night, after dinner with Sharon from Buffalo, whom I met through ravelry, we went up to the 6th floor lounge for a mini skein swap. I swapped a few skeins for Gretchen in my knitting group, who is making a sock yarn blanket.

One lady had a ton to choose from:

Prior to the swap, there had been a dinner for all the organizers and teachers of the sock summit at the lounge. Stephanie and RachelH. are posing with sock cookies.

That was only the beginning, now I need to sift through the rest of my pictures for more posts in the coming days.
Oh and by the way, when I did finally check into the hotel that evening, there was Sivia Harding, Cat Bordhi, Lucy Neatby and another teacher whom I did not recognize, standing right there next to me.
I only sort of got used to all them living among us during the summit...


  1. So glad you are home safe & sound! You must be very tired. Sounds like a great day #1 and I love the picture of you & Lucy Neatby. This is so great that we get to "live" the summit through you. This going to be so cool!

    Diane S.

  2. that big smile on your face sort of says it all. it is so great to see you so happy!

  3. Nice to see the first of your recaps!
    And glad you're home safe and happy. It was lovely to meet you and I squish your yarns happily.

  4. How exciting that you got to rub elbows with all those "Sock People"!

  5. Sounds like quite an adventure. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  6. Hey, lady! Haven't caught up with you in months, just wanted to stop in quickly and say HI!! :)


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