Friday, August 21, 2009

Sock Summit: family

I saved this for last, because it's truly the best part.

It's about the amazing women that I met through ravelry when I put up a Help Wanted sign on the Sock Summit forum several months ago. In the early planning stages, I realized (duh!) that I can't do it all by myself. Seriously, when will I get a bathroom break? Or go grab a bite to eat?

All these ladies came through for me. They filled up every single timeslot there was. They stood by me and helped me set up, helped customers, answered customers' knitting questions, and generally gave the booth their special touch. When I brought up my funny dietary requirements and I mentioned I have no clue as to where to get food; they brought me something to eat; they also gave me a MAX schedule and directions to a Wholefoods Market so I could take the rail and go grocery shopping.

And they all made socks from my yarn prior to Sock Summit so they could be displayed in the booth.

You remember Sarah K. and Melissa from opening day. Melissa grew up in Saratoga Springs, which is only 35 miles from where I live.

This is Joy. Joy lives in the Himalayas and let me quote from her blog - go HERE for the back story on that one - and meeting her was just one of those things that you ponder and ponder the miracle of it. I mean, I had briefly chatted online with a woman who lives in the Himalayas about a year and a half ago, and there she was, right in front of me now. Hugging my yarn, no less. (Well, we exchanged real hugs, too, you can be sure of that.) Joy is originally from Portland, and had to come back to the States because of some medical issues, visited her daughter while she was here, and was able to go to Sock Summit. Serendipity.

This is Terri from Idaho, sporting Alison's shawl. Terri is a fantastic knitter. Terri also has a pretty awesome husband (whom she left home), who made six sock blockers out of wood left over from a home improvement project, so the socks could be properly displayed.

Here's Mary, Sarah B., and Ami. They all individually answered my call for help, and it turned out that Ami and Sarah B. go to the same knitting group. (Yes Alison, your shawl made the rounds.)

Mary brought me food. Mary brought her husband, who learned how to knit the night before the Guinnes Book of World Records attempt and made it through the frequired ifteen minutes of knitting. Mary and Mike took me out to dinner on Thursday and gave me a driving tour of Portland. I think I was adopted my them, and loved every minute of it.

Sarah K. was there in the beginning, the middle, and the end. I owe Sarah more than I can ever make up to her.
She packed up boxes while I went to the Luminary Panel for little while. Sarah and her husband live in Portland and thank goodness I got to spend more time with them, as we went out to dinner on the last evening. Wish I could just meet up for coffee Sarah, and knit with you for a while!
Allison is from Vermont, and was a tremendous help with packing up. Her calm, kind presence made things so much easier!!

I'm getting all choked up just thinking about the wonderfulness of it all. I could not have done this without you guys!

And here are Mike and Mary at the Luminary Panel. I truly enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you.
Thank you for everything!

Till next time. I miss you guys already.


  1. They all sound wonderful! I have to say that I think knitting brings out the best in people and I cherish the friendships I have made through knitting. I'm not surprised you found such wonderful people and we are all lucky to know wonderful you, Karin!

  2. The kindness of knitters never ceases to inspire me:)

  3. Joy sat behind me at one of Stephanie's booksignings! I got to meet her the day before my book came out two years ago.

    What a wonderful group of people you had helping you. Knitters!


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