Tuesday, July 28, 2009

last minute addition

Not sure if I told you, but by the end of the sock yarn I ran out of colors. I ordered more sock yarn. It was backordered, still is. I am hoping it will get here by the time I come back from Portland, so I can stock myself up.

Meanwhile, I still had sweater yarn here: I decided to dye up four colors and send them to Portland. I say sweater yarn, but of course this is a wonderful yarn for any kind of project, large or small.

Periwinkle Sheep merino worsted superwash. Approx 250 yds. 4.5-5 sts/in


sweet plum


Here they all are in a group portrait:

Meanwhile, it is way too late to be sending these (I have 95 of them; plusI dyed the very last 5 skeins of sock yarn) to the convention center before their deadline.
Thank goodness, Portland is full of helpful people....one of them being Sarah, whom I met through Ravelry, who is also one of my booth helpers, AND who, it turns out, makes fabulous stitch markers. Of course I had to offer her to sell the markers in my booth when I found out!
Sarah would have graciously accepted shipment of my yarn even without me offering to sell her markers. But now we are both very happy that it worked out that way.
So the last of the yarn is going out this afternoon. I dyed 991 skeins altogether, not all of which made the cut. In addition, I kept some of them for color reference. I am hoping to photograph them within the next few days.
PS: If you are checking out Sarah's etsy store, don't be afraid to look at her sock yarn. Just sayin'.


  1. Karin! You are so incredible! But you never responded to my idea about stowing me away in your suitcase! Please, please :)

    That Suede is amazing! Love it!

  2. Dear gracious, Karin, I have got to make sure to get to your booth on Thursday asap! Those are gaw-jiss.

  3. my two socks are completed for you...one in turquoise and the other in Orange. Two different patterns...hope you like!

  4. Lovely! Juniper and Sweet Plum are my favorites :) I really wish I were going to Sock Summit now!

  5. All the prettiness. Have a wonderful, wonderful time at the Summit!


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