Sunday, August 30, 2009


There are times when the personal and the professional aspects of my life converge, and one such instance happened last week. We took Tall Son back to college (University of Rochester); his girlfriend's mom works full time at a yarn shop there. One thing led to another (not what you think!), and I brought 34 sample skeins with me to show to the owner, Amelia. So she could place an order from me, from those colors, and I would then send her said order when I got back home.

I took a nice long tour of the yarn shop. I took a lot of pictures, being awed by the assortment of yarn and colors.

They had a giant pair of needles there with knitting on it, just for fun, and guess who just had to knit a few stitches on it: Crafty Girl (over her shoulders: her own handmade ducttape purse).

Dear Husband and Tall Son did not want to be left out and finished the row:

Now I know what it takes to get them to knit!
Oh and those "sample skeins'? They never made it out of the shop. Amelia simply decided she must have every single one of them. :)
Thank you to Tall Son's girlfriend and her mom who made all this possible! Here's the address for the yarn shop, which I know will be my LYS home away from home whenever we go visit:

Yarn Boutique
1855 Monroe Ave, Brighton Commons, Rochester, New York 14618
Tele/Fax: 585-413-1123


  1. Love it! And those menfolk--they're just needling you.

  2. This post just put the BIGGEST smile on my face! That Amelia sounds like a really nice and really smart lady! Who wouldn't want all your yarn.

    Those needles are hilarious btw.

  3. Ooooo! I hope I get a chance to visit Rochester. I will definitely stop in and visit the Yarn Boutique. That giant project looks like it could use a few more rows!

  4. Congrats! It's not luck, it's simply the result of your hard work dyeing yarns and getting it out into the world. I'm sure you will encounter lots more such "luck."

  5. But did they "get gauge"???? Great story! And congrats on the earned it...

  6. It would have been hard to resist all of your colours:)

  7. Hi! I am a knitter in the Albany area and I think your yarn looks beautiful! Congrats on your sale in Rochester, I will have to look for your yarn next time I am in the shops here -


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