Wednesday, August 19, 2009

knitmore girls yarn review


"Lucy's Hot Pink Hair"

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled sock summit recap to let you all know that the Knitmore Girls
(see previous post) reviewed my sock yarn during their last podcast. Before I say any more, I'll let you go and listen to their Episode #66.

Thank you Gigi and Jasmin, you are very kind, gracious, and generous. I'll be sending Jasmin a skein of Lucy's Hot Pink Hair, because I know she had her eye on it...but would only take one skein from me at the time...Jasmin you simply MUST have a color that matches your brilliant hair.

If any of my readers are interested in getting their hands on any of these colorways, please contact Liz at The Spinning Room. She has most of my yarns in stock right now, until I get to dyeing more and putting them on the website for direct ordering in addition to the LYSs that stock my yarn. (We are taking our son back to college day after tomorrow, there is much packing and doing laundry going on here, and no time for dyeing the next few days.)

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  1. I'm a regular KMG listener...and I was so excited for you when I heard ep. 66! Absolutely glowing review - congratulations :)


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