Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Die for Glory

The results of the Dye for Glory contest are in (go to the Blue Moon Fiberarts blog). I did not expect to win, and did not win. It's OK. I am still a rookie compared to some of these hardcore dyers!

I've just about finished packing, am nervous as all get out. I am more nervous than when I used to pack up both my children when they were little and go to Germany to see my folks, all by myself, with a baby strapped to my front and a backpack on my back, with layovers in airports that were under construction and you couldn't sit anywhere.

I am so nervous that I almost can't eat. I am so nervous that I look at yarn and needles and say, What's that? What do people do with that? I feel about as upside down as that picture which I can't seem to be able to rotate...

I am hoping that by the time the plane takes off at 6:15 tomorrow morning, I'll have calmed down a little because this kind of excitement is very hard to maintain. There will be lovely lovely people waiting for me once I get to Portland, people that are ready to help set up and decorate the booth. There are people there who will bring me food. There are people there who have knitted more socks we can hang in the booth. One of my helpers' husband made sock blockers to display the socks. She is driving all the way from Idaho!
I think the Sock Summit is truly going to be a summit, with people coming from far away places like Australia and Great Britain. People from all over the United States and Canada.
It's going to be amazing.
I'll see you on the other side.


  1. Karin--I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and you should be too! You are going to have a fabulous time...you will hardly know the time is going by....and I am so jealous (and excited for you) that I could just....well....let's just say I wish I were going too! Maybe next time I can be a booth elf?!

    All the best.

  2. Karin, Have a great time! See you when you get home. Cathy

  3. Good luck!....and don't forget to have fun, take it all in and report back how great it was. See you when you get back!

  4. I am in awe - over 900 skeins of yarn!! The pictures of your yarn are beautiful. Have a great time at SS09. Wish I were there, too.


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