Monday, August 17, 2009

Sock Summit - day 5

Lucy Neatby is not only always a good sport, but also a very very generous person. If you've ever taken a class from her, you know how ready she is to always share her tremendous knitting knowledge.

She came by just about every day of the show; this was Saturday.

Lo and behold, this exceedingly kind and generous person came by again on Sunday! She could have picked any booth at all. But there she was, visiting again (I like to think that the yarn I dyed in her honor had something to do with it), and this time, the Knitmore Girls were there too. Before we knew it, there was a photoshoot going on.

And then.....whether any of us wanted to admit it or not, it was starting to be time to leave. The Sock Summit was ending, we had to start packing up.

The marketplace was closing. The only event left to attend was the Luminary Panel. I had a ticket for it. Thanks to my fabulous helpers, who will be featured in their own blog post, I was able to attend for some of the time.


  1. You got to meet my Gigi and Jasmin! When my Sam was 12 years old, I signed the two of us up for handspinning lessons so she would have something none of her peers would. Gigi and Jasmin were the other mother/12 year old daughter pair in the class, which is how I met them. We've been friends ever since.


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