Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new colorways

Over the weekend, I dyed 3 new colorways in Periwinkle Sheep watercolors sock yarn, which is the 80%superwash merino/20% nylon blend, at 420 yds/skein.

First up, a mellow color, reminiscent of ... sandy dunes? Bleached out shells you found on the beach this summer?

"Memories of Summer"

An overdye in the kettle produced this yummy color:

"Pumpkin Bread"

And thirdly, but not less yummy-ly,

"Plum Crumble"

These are available upon request at the shops in my sidebar, and also at the fall fiber festivals listed there.
Thanks for looking!


  1. ohhh, I love the names of your new yarn colors! and they look beautiful too. I am going to check out the shops you emailed me - my husband & I moved to the area about a year ago and I am excited to find some good yarn shops!

  2. These last two look good enough to eat! Very pretty. And the first one is nice too. It looks like the rocks I used to collect on Hampton Beach when I was a kid.

  3. This is getting torturous! Can you seriously consider opening an Etsy shop? Come here and we'll set the whole thing up :)

  4. The Plum Crumble looks delicious! Is it also dyed in the kettle? I've always heard about kettle dyed yarn and wondered how they are different from the regular process.

  5. Hi Karin, Colors are spectacular! Also, fine on listing us for Anne-Marie's emergency contacts. Kevin is liking Myers. So far so good.

  6. Oh, wow.... Just wow. I love colours, but those grays? I don't know what to say.


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