Friday, May 13, 2011

stay tuned

Turns out that yesterday's blogpost was up for a little while and then got lost while blogger was out.

It was about a special order yarn in Sunny Yellow. A customer is using it to make Sun Break.

A match made in heaven, if I may say so myself....hehe.

The beautiful sunshine from the last couple of days has given way to clouds again, with on and off right now I am waiting to hear from the organizer to see if tomorrow's fiber festival at Clermont will be cancelled.

Stay tuned. I will update this post in a couple of hours to let you know.

PS: we have received an update!! The Fiber Fest WILL go ahead as planned.

The following vendors will be present:

The following people are outside the Clermont tent:

JB Moth Designs & Dizzy Dragonfly

Jill Draper Makes Stuff

Hampton Artistic Yarns

All Things Fiber, Creekside Acres

The following are under the Clermont tent:

The Periwinkle Sheep

Bittersweet Woolery

Three Wise Women

Fenwood Designs

Woodstock Knits

Stitched by Jessalu

Once again, here is the website you need to read for directions, etc. It should be a fun day, I hope to see you there!!!!

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