Thursday, May 19, 2011


If there's fog after foggy, then there's sog after soggy.

Lots of sog going on - evidently we are trapped under a system that has shower after shower coming though, for the last five days....lots of low grey clouds...with the temps slowly rising.

These blooms haven't seen a ray of sunshine since they opened, practically.

japanese cherry

The wisteria is so wet it is sagging to the ground.

The scent is almost intoxicating though...

The lilac bush is bowing too.

I've had yarn trying to dry for three days now. I have fans on it to help it along.

But once again, I am thankful I'm not losing my house to flooding.  I'll take a bit of sog over a flood...


  1. Lovely sog photos! You can almost smell those flowers. I too will take sog over flooding, any day.

  2. Beautiful flower photos. Yeah, I am getting really tired of all the rain we have been getting.


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