Monday, May 16, 2011

The rain in Spain, uhm, Clermont, stays mainly in the plains

On Saturday, we were ready for another fiber-y day at Clermont. A day given to us vendors for free because the previous festival had us endure lots of rain, with half the vendors unable to come and display their wares. This time was supposed to be different.

I'll show you the pretty walk from the parking lot down to the meadow in front of the main house.

Who could ask for a more gorgous setting??

My booth under the tent:

But what can I say.

Two hours into it, the rain started once again. It was blowing a bit sideways, too, so we could not keep our wares dry. We were officially permitted to pack up and leave....since not very many customers ventured out that day.

To the ones that came: thank you for stopping by!!

I'll tell you tomorrow what my friend who came with me and I did before and after.

Because knitters never let the weather get in the way of a little yarn crawling.

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