Tuesday, May 10, 2011

morning visitor

A few minutes ago, I grabbed my camera to go out front and take pictures of the flowers in my front yard. I stopped at the top of my front steps - something made me halt and look - it seemed like an awfully big bumblebee - but then I realized it was a hummingbird!

I held my breath as I tried to stay frozen in my spot and zoom in on the little guy. They do flit from flower to flower, but then again almost stand still when they get the nectar from a blossom. So I managed to get 3 snapshots before he moved on.

Look for the ruby throat among the flowers.

I've seen him many times in the summer, he comes to our back yard a lot. Never have I gotten a shot at photographing him.

And this came as I had just gotten frustrated again with the weeds...all I can say now: please people, plant as many flowers as you can! Plant with wild abandon. Then take the time to sit quietly among them. You never know what you will see.


  1. What a beautiful morning visitor! Thanks for capturing the pictures and sharing them.

  2. Those are amazing pictures! Congratulations on having such a special visitor! I'm not surprised he stopped in your garden, it looks so beautiful!


  3. We had a hummingbird at the side yard once and I got so excited that I scared it away and it hasn't been back since! LOL! I also don't have any flowers there, which doesn't encourage visitors either. I'm so glad you were able to catch some photos!


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