Tuesday, May 24, 2011

desperate times

I am dyeing lots of yarn. Special orders, webstore, LYSs, festivals - I need to stock up.

It has been raining for at least 10 days. In fact I can't remember a full day without any rain.
One thing that can majorly hamper yarn dyeing is that the yarn doesn't dry fast enough. I have 4 drying racks, which altogether accommodate about 60 skeins, a whole day's worth of work. Usually I take one day's skeins down in the morning and dye the next batch.

This is yesterday's yarn, still not dry. It's getting here, but it's not dry enough to wind into skeins.

There is yarn all over my house, because guess what? It's raining again outside.

Fans are not helping.

Yarny home decor.

These are desperate times, and they call for desperate measures.

I am putting the yarn in the dryer.

I finally remembered that I have one of those shoe shelves for my dryer - you set the item that needs drying (but can't be tumbled) on it, close the door, and turn on the dryer.

3 skeins take 10 minutes on low (don't want to fry the yarn).

I have about 70 skeins to go.

We're having take-out tonight, probably.


  1. good luck! sounds like the same weather we have here. rain. rain. rain.
    my dad always told me: where there's a will, there's a way!!

  2. I love that shoe drying attachment! It has come handy for me many times.

  3. This rain is crazy, like we didn't get enough water with all that snow last winter? Hope your drying improves with a clear day tomorrow. Everything looks beautiful at your house! I need one of those dryer shelves now that I know they are a good thing! ;-)

    I'll be clearing another area for flower beds tomorrow...mud & all!
    Hope to see you soon!
    Diane S.

  4. Did you see the Yarn Harlot's solution? Oven on low, about ten minutes also. If you're already planning to do takeout..........

  5. Good luck and enjoy the takeout!


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