Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I went to a Contemplative Photography seminar at the Albany Shambala center last night, with Andy Karr.

You can look at some of his images HERE. I'll wait until you're done.

I went because I had purchased this book a few weeks ago, before I even knew he was coming to town.

During the slide show, I noticed that there were mostly partial images, or rather images of things where not the whole thing was portrayed, but only part of it, and yet we all still knew what the thing was. Pars pro toto. The wheel of a car, not the whole car.

There was tremendous stillness in the photographs. I liked that a lot.

When I left and stepped out the front door of the building, I saw this.

Then I decided to zoom in and do this.

I like both, but can't decide which I like better. I am not even sure that one should have more value than the other.  Knowing about both views, I feel compelled to share both.

I'll leave you to contemplate that...I must go and dye yarn.


  1. feel like i can see the clouds moving in the cropped shot. i like the long shot, too. maybe better as a composition.

  2. Okay, here's the artist in me responding: I like trees over buildings, but the first shot a bit better because the eye likes things divided in threes. Doesn't matter which direction, but if you can visually divide a photo by three it's a more satisfying view than if it's two halves. Odd numbers if it has to be more than three, although you quickly get to where you can't tell and it doesn't matter.

    And my city quail just flew back into my yard. I need a good camera that will shoot through double-paned glass!


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