Tuesday, January 17, 2012

yarn berg

Ever heard of an iceberg made of yarn? Me, neither.

But I had one this morning.

Last week I had washed a bunch of yarn to be dyed, and then didn't get to it. So I stored it in a wash basin on my enclosed front porch, for when I was ready to dye again today.

Except we've had some really cold temps, down to zero yesterday morning. My liquid soap was now solid, and I really should not have been surprised that I had a block of yarn (yeah usually the blocking comes after the knitting, I know....)

block o' yarn, unmolded

2 kilos of skeins, perched on my hand

yarn berg melting in hot water

Speaking of dyeing.....here's what I did last week...

above: merino sport
below: WINK
both in colorway Cloud Dancer.

The merino sport is the colorway and yarn selected by Meagheen for the June bonus battern of the sock club.
The WINK, I did just for fun. ;)

Both are available anytime, sock club or not, HERE.


  1. Oooh, cloud dancer is beautiful!!

  2. Frozen soap. That's a new one on me! (Suddenly remembering the time I had to put a box of diaper wipes in the microwave for a minute after leaving them in the car in New Hampshire.)

  3. That color is beautiful! I'm going to knit faster so that I can buy some... :)


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