Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's the time of year for resolutions. Are you making any?

I try to stay away from them because inevitably, I can't keep them. However since I gained a bad back last fall and a wee bit of extra weight (don't tell me I didn't...you're not the one trying to fit into my pants. ;)) - I need to be resolute about walking.

So far I've been good about getting out every single day. Moving makes the back better, and I need to get this back better. I can barely sit through a movie these days, let alone sit and knit for a good spell. I can stand up alright, and I can lie down, everything else in between is no good for longer than an hour.

houses on Glendale St.

My friend Debbie in Seattle is one of my co-mods on the now huge Stash Down forum on ravelry. She has taken on the monumental task of getting us fit and taking care of ourselves, with great gusto and fun ideas. (I'll talk more about the forum itself at a later time).

With her positive energy, she has managed to get me out of my blogging doldrums. I had kind of lost my blogging mojo over the last several months, ....it was nothing I was doing on purpose, I didn't abandon the blog willingly. There was just no energy to spare at all. I had fallen into a black hole for several reasons, but now I am climbing out of it.

Grove Ave. in Albany

Fresh air and walking helps. Walking with an added purpose helps even more. I love to take pictures, and so now when I go out I take my camera. As far as I am able, I am getting out every day. I was going to give it two weeks before I said anything, to see if this new plan would take hold, but here I am.

All of today's pictures are from a very short walk I took in our neighborhood. (It's 19 degrees out and a windchill that goes right through you.)

I love the lawn decorations....we don't see them too much around here anymore, I think they are priceless...

There will be days where I'll be glad if there's one good photograph. But the point is to keep at it and not give up.


  1. I will walk with you anytime you want!!!!!!


  2. Houses with front porches are wonderful (and too rare) for sending a sense of neighborhood and community.

  3. teri (treefrog303)January 3, 2012 at 10:14 PM

    I love the play of light on those houses and all those front porches. Great pictures.

  4. Hi Karin,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family, and good luck in your endeavours to get your back better! I've got back problems, too, and I don't want to eat pain killers all the time.

    Too bad you're so far away - I'd love to go walking with you. Trouble is, I don't do it alone, but I might if I had an appointment with you.

    Take care and get better soon!

  5. I'm so glad that you are getting out walking and that your blog mojo has returned. Too bad I missed the gusto of the return AND the sock club announcement. unfortunately, my stash down diet doesn't allow for the sock club, but maybe I'll make it up a pattern at a time in future years.

    My parents both had back surgery over 20 years ago. They swear by their near daily walks for helping them stay so active after fairly invasive (and unfortunately, partially unsuccessful) back surgeries.


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