Saturday, January 14, 2012

white stuff

The week got away from me, the year is gaining momentum and time seems to pass a lot faster already -

but we got a bit of snow.

Well, some colder temperatures to make the puddles freeze after the rain.

And this much snow:

Just kidding, we got this much:  ;)

All pictures from my little walk up to the library today.

I have walked by this house and this yard a million times.
Never before have I noticed this birch tree:

How does a free-standing tree grow curves like that?

I have no segway for what comes next, but I do want to show you what came in the mail yesterday: my icelandic fleece. Soon as I opened it, I saw some nice vegetable matter and a dose of sheep poop. The two may have been intermingled a little. I am glad to know "my" little sheep is leading a healthy lifestyle. ;)

It is rolled up really nicely and inside a plastic bag, which is inside a box. I didn't want to disturb the whole fleece, but just peeking in there I found the creamiest softest white fiber...

this is going to be so much fun to spin.


  1. What a funny birch tree! I've never seen anything like it.

  2. We had 5". Want some? Have fun with the fleece.


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