Thursday, January 26, 2012

lace yarn sale!

I've decided to put some lace weight yarns on sale this week.

Turns out that I will not be able to get the merino silk laceweight anymore that had a put up of 1300 yards/100g skein.
It will be slightly heavier in the future, at 875 yards/100g.

I only had a few of them left, and I put them on sale, together with some WINK lace.

So for all you amazing lace knitters, maybe there is something you might like?


  1. Hi Karin,

    I saw your post on Echo Bodine's blog. I am an intuitive/clairvoyant reader, artist and KNITTER! Yay for knitting. I'm new to it. Here's a post with photo of one of my first projects. I am now knitting a sweater for my son. I am certain I'll post that when I'm finished! Its been a stripy fun one! -Amy

  2. your yarns are absolutely amazing!! I would love to purchase some, gahh I must knit the stash down and then I will buy some! <3 thank you for the inspiration!!


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