Sunday, January 8, 2012

light post

Crafty Girl and I went for an evening walk to other night, when we had a spell of freezing cold temperatures. She got all dressed up in her ski gear to find out if it would keep her warm enough.

I brought my camera to take some pictures of Christmas decorations, as they are sure to be coming down soon.

our little house


do not enter if on a diet

our local branch of the Albany Public Library - we love going there.

Fire House next door to the library

Yesterday, I took some packages to the post office and walked that too. So far I've been able to keep up with the walking.

(We won't talk about how some days I still just end up flat on my back at night. And can. not. move. another step.)

This is what the library looks like during the day:

it has a courtyard on the other side of the round part of the building, which took into consideration the trees which grew on the lot. I'll go and ask permission to take some pictures of it some time, I looks beautiful once there's snow out there...

and speaking of which: what's missing from this image??


  1. Thank you for the tour. Hope you share more ;O)

  2. I am fine without the snow on the ground! Loving the photo essays and good work on the walking. We walk everyday--kind of a requirement with the big dog--but I don't always think to take my camera. Maybe I will start.

  3. I know this is not th answer you expect, but truthfully my first thought was, what's missing is yarn!

  4. Here, it would be where are the birds eating those berries. But then, some of our birds this time of year are the ones who will fly north again in a few months.


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