Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sock Club reminder!

Today is the day that the Touring Ireland through a Year of Socks pattern club was released - the January pattern is out!

There is a link to the e-book, which will have 12 patterns in it PLUS 2 bonus patterns. Each of the patterns will also be available individually. When you order the whole pattern club, for $36, you will get 14 gorgeous sock patterns. Everything from ankle socks to mid-calf socks to kilt hose....cables, lace, many different patterns, you will never be bored.

Each pattern uses my yarn, and now that the first one was released, you can see the colorway of the sock.

The yarn is available HERE.   :)


  1. I'm not clicking the links. Nope not gonna do it. Not happening


  2. Hi Karin, Happy New Year! I am confused. Do I download the pattern or does everything come in the mail? CathyO


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