Thursday, October 14, 2010

bin of chai, anyone? or: packing for Rhinebeck 2010

I have been dyeing and labeling and packing up yarn for Rhinebeck like crazy. My laptop came back from "my" computer guy in tip top shape on Monday, and boy was I ever glad to have my little machine back! Still, I remain the lame blogger.

Here are a few snapshots I took during packing up yesterday and today.

bin of "chai"
I had high hopes of completing the shawl that is making my yarn look so good ... but evidently I still cannot count to three. Right now, Thursday night, I still have 33 rows of lace knitting to complete. And block the thing. By Saturday morning, 5:30 am. I think the dye fumes got to me a little bit and had me think I could actually pull this one off.....

Anyway, here finally are some Embers! I know some of you have been waiting for this colorway very patiently...

embers in the morning light

Do you feel like jumping into the mediterranean sea?


my rainbow of colors

This new colorway represents a whole new story that is unfolding! I was approached by a pattern designer on ravelry who donates all of her profits to charity. Her Christmas design will go to Doctors without Borders. I dyed her a batch, and she really liked it. Meanwhile, I thought: this is it! I love dyeing yarn so much. But it would add just a whole other dimension, an added purpose for me if I could do some good with it, too!! Thus, I decided to Dye for Charity, and the new CRANBERRY RED for Doctors without Borders was born!

From here on out, for every skein of this color I dye and sell, I will donate $3.- to DwB. Unfortunately I only had time to dye 35 skeins of this this week, to take to Rhinebeck with me. If I have any left, I will put them up on etsy when I come back on Sunday.
Otherwise, there will be more after I come back from Germany. Do you think you'll be able to wait?


 And last but not least, here's a line-up of "Rhinebeck 2010"  in the new watercolors yarn.

Rhinebeck 2010
 And: the ever popular, chuckle-evoking

There. I packed a lot into this little post, make it last!

I'll see you on the other side of the Nor'easter that's starting to hit, and Rhinebeck. We're the Sliver Moon Farm booth, spot # 27A 3. I hope I got that right. You better check the program, if you're coming to visit!!! Which I hope you will!!!!!!


  1. oh, how I wish I could go. I can't wait to see your Wandering the Moors in chai. And I will definitely be buying some of that Cranberry Red.

  2. Love chai and the embers - see you tomorrow!

  3. See you tomorrow! I can't wait! I'm so excited to bring Amanda with me that I may not be able to sleep tonight. LOL!

  4. Your yarn is just soooo beautiful. Thank you so much for posting the pictures to share! I love seeing your work! And I love hearing about all you do!!

  5. Teri S (treefrog303)October 15, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    I'll be up for a couple of cranberries and a chai when you get back from Germany! Enjoy your trip.
    Have a great weekend at Rhinebeck.

  6. I wish I could come and see the yarn and your lovely self in person!

  7. After three years of visiting NYS Sheep & Wool, I finally made a yarn purchase - and it was from Periwinkle Sheep. (not that I haven't been knitting for the last 3 years) 5 Skeins watercolors worsted superwash merino in terracotta. It was very pretty at the show, and now that I have brought it home, it is even more lovely - I can't wait to work with it!


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