Thursday, October 7, 2010

women helping women

I did actually have a certain order to this week's blog posts in mind, but  that order got upset - which is a good thing and ok. I just got a request from a fabulous lady who does a lot of good in the world of wool and I thought I need to pass along her story. We women know all about being there for each other already, - if you are a woman and can honestly say you have never helped another woman at a crucial time, or have never been helped out by other women in your own life, then I would say I don't believe you!

Last week, help came to me by the name of Kay and Laurie, who felt bad for me that I had hurt my hand, and between the two of them they figure- 8 - tied 200 skeins for me in under two hours. It was an amazing feat and I will never forget that they did this for me. I could get right to dyeing the next day, and not worry about my non-existent fine motor control.

Laurie Perrin, left, and Kay ten Kraft, right.

try and keep up with THAT!

Taking care of each other makes this world go round, so after you read this blogpost, go donate  to Go Red for Women. I don't have a lot of money either. But $25 seems doable.

And right after that, I want you to do at least one thing a day that takes good care of YOU.
Me, I'm going for a walk. The sun is finally out after 3 straight days of rain, and I am going out there to enjoy it.


  1. Hi Karin! I hope your hand is feeling much better by now...Was it only raining for three days? It seems like forever! That sun is so nice...Have a good walk and a great weekend!

  2. Glad the rain stopped before an ark was necessary! My husband and I were glad to leave yesterday to drive south for a week. We finally ran our of the rain in PA. See you soon... hope your back is improving.

  3. My thanks to them. Best wishes!


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