Friday, October 8, 2010

from the never a dull moment dept.

My sister is in the hospital, for tests. Next week, she will undergo major surgery (female stuff). I am flying over to Germany on the 20th anyway to see my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary, and that date can now not come soon enough.

Also my laptop that has all my writing and pictures on it seems to be fried. I need to find a computer ER, ASAP. Anyone had any luck with the Staples guys?

Knitting and dyeing more yarn is going well.

Over and out.


  1. So sorry to hear about your sister.

    Regarding the computer: I think it depends on which Staples you go to. I didn't have much luck with the one in East Greenbush, but someone told me there is a new place called Reboot almost directly opposite Staples, on Rt4 in E. Greenbush (next to the Starbucks). Good luck with everything.

  2. Oh dear! Sorry about the computer. I have had one "okay" experience and one BAD experience with Staples computer dept. The bad experience happened after buying a new computer (at Staples) and paying to have data transferred from the old hard drive to the new computer. Not ALL of it was transferred, though, and the hard drive was wiped...argh!!!
    I think it just depends on the individual person/department. Maybe fine, maybe...not. Maybe you could post on rav with a request for referrals in your area?

    Good luck to your sister - hope the surgery is straightforward and the recovery rapid! :)

  3. Thinking of your sister and hoping all goes well.

  4. So sorry to hear about your sister. Hope everything goes smoothly for her and she has a quick recovery. Re: computer repair, I use Solutions by Design at the Main Square Shops in Delmar. Very dependable and Kathleen's grandson works there.

  5. So many complications of one kind or another. Be good to yourself :)

  6. Hey Karin, My son Zach is a whiz with computers. We are home this weekend--why don't you give me a call and drop it off? He can at least take a look and let you know what your options are and very often he can fix things.

  7. Hi Karin, I hope everything goes well for your sister. Congrats to your parents for their "50". I 'll be looking for your at Rhinbeck.

  8. Teri S (treefrog303)October 9, 2010 at 10:51 PM

    Good wishes, Karin, for safe and uneventful travel, a rapid recovery for your sister and much happy celebrating with your parents. I'm very sure they cannot wait for you to get there either! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful trip.

  9. Hey Karin-
    There's a great computer repair place (excellent and fair and low priced) next to Blessed Sacrament on Central ave. They'll have it done really quick!

    hopefully your sister is ok!


  10. Best wishes to your sister. And I hope you have a great visit with your family. 50 years is amazing.

    Love the new colors. I just finished a pair of socks from the yarn I got from you at the Troy Farmers Market last fall. They're georgous! I made gloves for Nick from another skein. Yummy stuff. Thanks.

    And about the computer, I love the guy on the corner of Washington and Allen. He is a sweet, sweet man and does a great job for a good price. Know the place? It's Washington Ave, ground floor, on the right just west of Allen.


  11. So sorry, Karin. Hope all goes well. I will see you this weekend. Cathy


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