Friday, October 1, 2010


 This lame-o blogger returns to reveal the Rhinbeck 2010 colorway.

It's a mix of three colors, raspberry, mulberry, and chocolate.

Rhinebeck 2010 colorway

wound into a cake

I am still in the middle of knitting a sock. I hope to have it by Monday. Knitting has been sloooow, as I injured my hand whilst setting up a booth at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival last weekend. I still need to report about that too!!

I do post more frequent little updates on facebook now, so if you are on there, look for The Periwinkle Sheep (or me, by my name! I'll friend ya!) you get to see and read more about what's going on.

Ravelry seems to be experiencing some hiccups. I was unable to reply to posts or threads this morning, and consequently couldn't tell my Periwinkle Sheep group about the Rhinebeck colorway. I hope things get resolved over there quickly, for their sake!

Today Dyenamics and I were supposed to go up to Tunbridge VT to set up for this weekend's Vermont Sheep and Woolfestival, but the tremendous rainfalls have us stopped in our tracks a bit, and we are leaving way before dawn tomorrow.

I will see you on the other side - maybe you will go to a fiber festival somewhere this weekend?

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  1. Teri S (treefrog303)October 1, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    Mmmmm....nice. This one may break my resolve....


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