Wednesday, July 14, 2010

more Successful Lace!

If it's Thursday morning on July the 15th, 2010 when you see this, I want to direct your attention to here. Donna Drunchunas, author of Successful Lace, is featuring all of the contributors to the book one day at a time.

And as you may already know, I played a small part. :)

ETA: Kathy and AlisonH: I saw your comments and wanted to post them. The disappeared in cyber space. Something about error#503. But I saw them! I read them! Thank you!


  1. Nice interview Karin! I am so excited for you. It must feel incredible to finally see this project through to the end. It has been a long time eh? The shell is gorgeous!

  2. This is so elegant! I love it. Hooray!


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