Thursday, July 8, 2010

heat wave, day 4

I'm not usually a complainer, but hoo boy! It's hot. Hazy, hot, humid. I don''t have asthma, but I feel like breathing is becoming harder. There is a cooling station up the road from us at our brandnew public library branch, where they have a community room that is air conditioned and where they will serve people cold water.

My fingers feel sticky just trying to tap on the keyboard. Knitting has become an impossibility. I've been spinning some here and there, because I signed up for the Tour de Fleece at my LYS. With the fan right on me, I can spin a little at a time before the wool gets sticky, too!

Yesterday, I took my daughter and two of her girlfriends up to a local mall for a couple of hours. It wasn't crowded at all; we treated ourselves to lunch, before we headed home to watch Germany lose against Spain in the World Cup semifinals.

If cooking dinner sounds daunting in this weather, here are a couple of very yummy recipes. Thank you, Bonnie!

In other bits'n'pieces news, Kathy from the comments was wondering if I'll have another giveaway when the hearts reach 200. Well I wasn't going to say anything so soon, but yes I have a few more contests up my sleeve for this year. One of them will happen no matter what, simply because it's a personal milestone, and the other....kind of depends on how many more people will buy my yarn. ;)

TTFN! Stay cool, or warm, whatever it is you need, and definitely stay loved.

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