Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Poking around the yard today with my camera...
  Black eyed Susans are abundant now.

Phlox, too.

The white one has some pink stripes in it...

and the pink is taking on white flecks...that patch of phlox is doing its own cross breeding.

Then I peeked over the fence to see my neighbor's hydrangeas.

I've been doing a whole bunch of yarn dyeing the last couple of weeks, so color is foremost on my mind...glad to see that nature always gets it right. She never runs out of color ~ me, I have to order more online or over the phone.

Like yesterday, when I was supposed to dye more silk / merino blend. I go to my dye powders, only to realize that I had dyed myself into a corner and ran out of a certain color. Hrmpf. Those skeins of Rasbberry Truffle will have to wait...but I promise I will have them as soon as more dye arrives.

How is your summer going?


  1. Hydrangeas change colors from pink to blue depending on the acidity of the soil. I love mine. Black-eyed Susans are the state flower of my home state!

  2. The phlox are gorgeous - do they have a smell too?

  3. Beautiful Flowers! Everything is dead here and I'm loving seeing your photos.


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