Friday, July 16, 2010

what a pair!

There is a wee little girl on the way right now, and I needed to make her some bootees:

Periwinkle Sheep watercolors II sock yarn, "hot pink", size 2 needles.

Though that pattern, which has been made over 8,000 times according to ravelry, gave me fits by the time I made the second shoe. I had to rip out the wee little straps twice. Didn't know what was frontwards and backwards any more. I'd like to blame the heat and the humidity, because surely it can't be my knitting skills.....

If you were hesitating to comment after the last post, I fixed the link to Donna's blog entry. Here it is again to make sure. Sometimes you have to do things twice the get it right.

I'll also try very hard not to toss any more comments into cyberspace.


  1. Oh, those are so cute! Thank you. I needed that today.

  2. Karin, thank you so much. The booties are darling! Amanda loved them! She is still preggers and ready to get this baby out now! Maybe in the next day or two. Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. Oh my! Such sweet booties! Your troubles with the straps don't show at all. Darn this humidity!!!

  4. It looks like the wee little girl decided to wait on her arrival! She'll come when she's darn good and ready I guess. LOL!

  5. Glad you finally worked them out. They are adorable!

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