Tuesday, June 1, 2010

minor adjustments

1) I made a mistake in my last blog post. Lorna's Laces dyes nearly solids, not "almost solids". These colorways will have a "ns" with the color number on the label.
2) The yarn used for the shell and the shawl has been discontinued. Most DK weight yarns are suitable for the shell. You'll need chunky weight for the shawl.
I have some chocolate brown Rowan wool cotton / color: coffee rich in my stash, and I am seriously considering giving this a try for the shell.
3) I tried a bit of gardening on Sunday, and promptly hurt my back. I'll be going to the chiropractor tomorrow morning for some adjustments....I've been all tight and crooked since the surgery, anyway, and I am hoping that I can be straightened out at least some! Yes I'm inpain today, hence the choppy blog post.
Dear Husband and Tall Son did a LOT of yard work the last two days, and I am thankful.
4) Had more bloodwork done last week, and the thyroid hormones need some minor adjusting. This was to be expected. I'll be getting my new dose at the end of the week.
5) I'm sorry my etsy shop needs to be closed for another week or so.
6) It's a good year for roses. I can easily adjust to that!

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