Friday, June 11, 2010


1) I have not fallen off the face of the earth.

2) The doctor lowered the dose of my thyroid medication, and my body doesn't quite know what to think yet. Last week I was running around like a headless chicken for a lot of the time; that has now abated, and I'm tired more. Not sure if I'm just recovering from the running around or what. Next bloodwork is July 6th.

3) I dyed a bunch of yarn on Monday and Tuesday, and promptly sold most of it to local yarn shops - thank you so much, Trumpet Hill, and Common Thread in Saratoga! I was a complete idiot (I blame the yarn fumes) and did not take pictures of new colors before they were snatched up.

4) My goal for tomorrow is to photograph some of the remaining skeins and put them in my etsy shop, which has been empty for too long.

4a) There is a new bamboo blend coming right up.

5) Once again, I want a new camera in the worst way. Someone talk me out of spending $700.- .

6) Especially since I have to get new glasses, which the insurance barely covers.

7) I still want to show you the Cummington loot (I was very restrained).

8) I need to show you pictures of a really cool textile studio I found in Saratoga.

9) I have way too many WIPs.

10) Maybe the World Cup will help in that department and I will finish some things while watching games.

11) TTFN!


  1. The most prominent review there had some really thoughtful points to make; clearly, the guy knew his stuff. I wonder how often Canon upgrades its cameras? Would it be worth waiting just a bit? The video isn't quite up there yet, apparently.

  2. Who are you rooting for in the World Cup? We are watching South Korea and Greece right now!

  3. I'm not the one to talk you out of the camera! I'm also thinking about a digital SLR and I keep looking but so far, I too don't want to spend that much for a camera. And then the extra lens is a fortune too!

  4. The only thing I wanted for college graduation was a camera that cost almost that much 10 years ago. So, I can't talk you out of the camera. In fact, I'd suggest Costco for the glasses to save money for the camera. :)

    Can't wait to see the bamboo yarn. I want to make some non-wool clothes. It's 90 degrees here right now, so the desire is even stronger.

    I'd love to see your WIPs... I actually started a project during the US v England game.... Germany looked good today... I hope we do well.

  5. I have to say I love, love my Canon Rebel XS. If you get it at Suyvesent Plaza, you may pay a bit more but it is so worth it in support services. They'll set the whole thing up for you and you can go in any time with questions. Cathy

  6. My husband got new glasses from and he LOVES them. They're great and if you google for discount codes you can get them even cheaper. Measuring is really critical though so you kind of have to be careful in that respect, but on the other hand the financial outlay isn't huge either.

    Then you'll be closer to saving up for a fancy camera. ;)


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