Thursday, June 17, 2010

June flowers

I realized the other day that I am rather ageist in my portrayal of flowers in my garden.

Today I want to show you the beauty of roses just past their prime.


  1. These are beautiful! The remind me of soft silk fabric, like a full and flowing wedding gown.

  2. Karin, I was recently on an island in Maine - a pretty tough habitat for the trees that grow there. In one little cove, tucked away slightly from the prevailing wind (which is why I was there!, I found a wild rose bush with two overblown flowers still clinging, each with only four petals. I climbed over rocks to get to the bush, and just out of curiosity, stuck my nose into one of the flowers. The aroma was unbelievable - rich and deep and sweet.
    It was a highlight of my holiday week, that moment.


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