Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cummington loot

I still owe you pictures of my purchases at the MA sheep and woolfest: at the same time, I am trying to learn working with the new post editor I just found on blogger.

Yeah I went a little nuts with the spinning fiber....(I also bought two skeins of yarn for a stealth project.)

Here is the pin from Leslie Wind. It's a cool one-handed design! No fussing with a pin. This easily hooks into your shawl with one hand!

Since Leslie was so generous and gave me the pin, I had to puchase this:

I love anything to do with sheep, and this little sheep pin - about 3/4 inch wide - was just too sweet to pass up.

This weekend I am going to take a spinning class at WEBS in Northampton, "Hone your Handspinning". I can't wait! My little wheel is going to get quite a workout. Barbara Parry of Foxfire Fiber is the teacher.


  1. have a great time at WEBS, Karin! I wanted to take that class, but forgot to sign up..oh well.

  2. Pat, I saw your comment, and published it, but so far it has not appeared. Seems that blogger is having hiccups. I am also trying to post another post, but the picture uploader is being fussy. Hrmpf.


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