Friday, April 15, 2011

what we have here a bad news good news kind of situation. More good news than bad though, so that's good!

In case anyone is still reading after I've been gone from the blog for so long, I've been busy running around various doctor's offices and labs and such. I've had joint pains and stiffness for almost 3 months now, and got tested for a series of possibilities, the upshot of them being that I have an elevated rheumatoid factor - and can't get into the rheumatologist's office until July 20th. Which is one week before I leave for the Sock Summit.

Also I've had chiropractic treatments, a repeat mammogram and an ultrasound, in a valiant effort to keep as many receptionists, technicians, nurses, and doctors busy. They do say that the health care field is a safe field as far as keeping your job. I thought I'd help out a little.

To make things even more interesting, I now have painful tendonitis (so they tell me) in my right thumb, which makes knitting nearly impossible. I try not to get too depressed over fact I am starting way too many projects. Not knitting = not an option. I wake up every morning (that's a good thing) to stiff hands and a right thumb that doesn't want to move. I gently force it to, and after a warm shower it seems to co-operate again.

But enough of that.

The really good news is that I just got into the

Chancellor's Sheep and Wool Showcase
at the Clermont State Historic Site
in Germantown, NY.

Saturday, April 23rd, from 11-4

I had been talking to Cris from Into the Whirled, and she encouraged me to apply. Lo and behold, there was a spot under the tent still available, and I am so happy for this opportunity. The list of vendors reads like a who's who in the Hudson Valley (and beyond) fiber world. Think 'miniature Rhinebeck'. There will also be spinners and food and music and lots of good times.

Crafty Girl will accompany me this time! She is learning how to spin and wants to spend the day helping her mom out in the booth. Please come by and say hello!!

Tomorrow, in honor of National Poetry Month, I will be participating in a huge poetry event, the

10th Annual Albany Wordfest.

I used to go to poetry readings and open mics all the time, but alas the yarn and the dyepots along with family and household commitments have taken over. So I make sure I at least take part in this one event every year. It should be fun and tremendously inspiring. Come on by of you're in the area, any time of day! My 10 minutes are at 8:30 am. I hope I'm awake.

In even more fiber festival news, I also got into the

3rd annual Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival!!

This takes place on the last weekend in September, and yes I will be sure to tell you more as the time draws near. I've been there, vending, right in the booth of my dear friends from Sliver Moon, but this time I am being adventurous and getting my own booth. Which after Sock Summit should be a piece o' cake.

OK so: tomorrow: poetry. Sunday: Palm Sunday, and going to a quilt show with a friend in the afternoon.

I hope to see you, with pictures and everything, on Monday.

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  1. Karin, when my daughter had a cataract removed at age 7 the eye doctor told me she was at risk for the retina detaching, what the symptoms were, and to see him immediately if they happened.

    Which they did. And the receptionist refused to schedule her for six weeks, even after I said it was an emergency.

    I complained to the pediatrician, and she told me, you take that child to that office right NOW and tell them you are not leaving till they see her!

    Which I did. And got a profuse apology that they'd made me wait--get this--45 minutes to see the doctor. And she came out of it okay.

    Sometimes you have to push on the system. I'd love to come sit with you, knitting, in the waiting room while they get their act together.


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