Monday, April 25, 2011

one week :: organize

So much happened again already since my last post.

Last week was spring break at our public schools. We went to an Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens for a day.

On Saturday, Crafty Girl and I went to the Clermont State Historical Site to vend at a teeny but wonderful fiber festival.

Yesterday was Easter.

eggs and picture by Crafty Girl

I am also receiving more Sock Summit is becoming more and more real that I am indeed going to Portland OR again this year.

April is almost over.

I need to get organized.

All weekend I've been thinking that I need to sort.

Sort my paperwork, old and new. (I hate to admit that there is still a pile somewhere with all the sock summit stuff from 2 years ago. Plus we had a major home repair job done a year ago, my thyroid surgery was May of last year, and somehow I feel like I still haven't caught up from it all.)

Sort my innumerable knitting projects and get them finished.

Sort some of the stash and weed out some yarn I would like to sell.

Sort out what yarn I want to dye in what colors. I have been keeping track of ideas in my color journal.

School is back in session, the fridge and pantry were only partially stocked, so the first thing I did this morning was make a list of dinners to serve this week, and made a shopping list.

Then I paid lots of bills, went to three different banks and took care of business. They call it "running errands", and run I did. Made dinner, went to a meeting (more on that in a later post; more cool knitting related things are in the works).

Now Monday is over, and I am still getting organized. I feel like I am so behind with everything that I need a few days just to find a starting point.

When you work from home, there are many things that kind of flow into each other. When you work from home and work is in large part a creative process, you can't hang a sign on the door that posts office hours and people respect that. When you work in your own house, especially if your family is surrounded by yarn and drying racks and dye stuffs, it is so much becoming part of everyone's life that it seems like it is always just "life", personal, just "there".

It is not always apparent that I constantly juggle several different schedules. I juggle the dye schedule with the design and knitting schedule with the charity knitting schedule and the driving to and picking up from school, homework, soccer practice, grocery shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning, talking, entertainment, driving to places and getting everyone going to church on time schedule. I fit everything neatly into the Grand Puzzle of our Life.

And yesterday something happened where the two other people in my house just could not follow the simple instruction of Please eat breakfast within 30 minutes, so when I get back from the store (where I ran out to get a few things because the Easter dinner plans were changed on me) we can all get ready and leave for church.

Something happened where I was either going to let go of everything and not give a damn about anything and walk away because all the planning and all the Thinking of Everything was nullified at that moment where someone could not remember a very simple thing.

Or I was going to change things around and take care of everything I need to take care of for myself and my business, and draw certain lines. I'm going with that right now. See above.

I'm giving myself a week, maybe two, to gain some control over my stuff, papers, yarn, blog, etsy shop, what have you.

I'm hoping it'll make me feel better, so I can have more patience with the people around me when they are having a moment.


  1. Sending lots of hugs your way! I know how crazy things can get & you definately deserve a break. Hope things come together for you soon. It was wonderful to get to see you even for a little bit on Saturday and I can't wait till you are able to come for a visit! :-)
    Take care of you this week!

  2. I am so with you! And, as you know, I work from home (though I don't feel that my work is "creative") and am running on the same life treadmill that you are--the only difference is you are planning for a fabulous fiber festival and I am planning innumerable soccer trips around the east coast beginning now and ending some time in August. Good thing I worked out on the actual treadmill this morning or I would not be able to maintain my pleasing personality.

  3. good luck! i am in a swirl myself.


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