Friday, April 29, 2011

even more orchids! other plants, too!

If you are sick and tired of orchids and don't like flowering trees, you might as well skip this entry, and I'll see you tomorrow. For the rest of you, here you go. :)

I've had a fascination with bougainvillea, just because of the name...I'd never seen one of them in real life, , only read about them in books.

the most amazing scent comes from these flowers...

I'll give you a rest now with the orchids. I'll also skip over the part where we visited a rainforest and a desert. I'll tell you, those glasshouses just went on and on...

We went and sat in the cafe for a bit to rest our feet, then went on a tram tour. Very informative and worth it. I should have given it to you yesterday, but here is the official website of the gardens.

Here are some outdoor shots. Blooming lovely to behold.

During the tram tour, we passed a magnolia grove. We walked back to it later, over the Bronx River and through a part of the oldest native forest in the Bronx.

I'll leave you among the magnolia trees.


  1. Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing. The gardenias and bougainvilleas make me miss Texas!

  2. Ron and I appreciated all the info that can be learned on the tram ride. And you don't even feel the city surrounding you. Amazing!

  3. Thank you for posting pictures of the bougainvillea. I've been wondering what they look like since Dean Koontz mentions them in almost every book he writes. These pictures are just as fabulous as your last post! It must have been so wonderful to be there!



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