Monday, March 28, 2011

the view from here

Dyed last week and delivered to Trumpet Hill:

Top to bottom: memories of summer, vanilla frosting, and chai in WINK/gold glitter

top to bottom: sprout, lavender, and khaki in WINK

Dyed today. I do enjoy looking at my drying rack when it has fresh yarn on it....

bottom to top: craving, a new blue (commission), yet to be named, teal, avocado in WINK.

The weather is getting slightly better, so I was able to bring some racks outside today. I am getting geared up for upcoming festivals...hooray!!

And since I am the sole elf around here doing all the dyeing, skeining, labeling, photographing, uploading, posting, and mailing, it may take me a day or so to get caught up with updating the etsy shop. So please if you ever see something on this here blog that hasn't made it into the shop yet, give me a shout! Leave a comment! Get my attention! I'd be happy to put it in the shop for you. Thanks!!


  1. Oh, gorgeous as always. You do such nice work!

  2. Karin, if you ever need help dying or the process of wrapping up after everything is dry, give me a call. I work for free!

  3. wow, that top picture has me itching to buy! those colors are fabulous. unfortunately, I'm on a yarn diet. Fortunately, sock summit is a planned cheat so I'll be able to meet you and go crazy getting yarn (assuming, of course, that you end up going and so do I). Love your yarn!


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