Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What with the slowly moving construction at our house, me waiting and waiting for hours on end for someone to show up or make a re-appearance on the same day to make things progress (is drywall compound trying, or is it trying to teach me more patience? It dries at unscheduled intervals.) - I quite literally had lost all sense of time, day, or season.

Except it was the third weekend of February, and the end of Winter Break worked its way into my consciousness. There was something I should be doing...bake a cake or two, shop for birthday dinners and gifts perhaps...I was foggy. Staying up late every night to watch the Olympics certainly wasn't helping matters. Moving through dust and a schedule completely determined by others, I somehow got the place vacuumed and mopped, several times over. A cake baked, and dinner made for Friday night, for an early birthday dinner. Tall Son had been retrieved from college because he wanted to be home for his sister's and dad's birthdays which are on the 21st and 22nd of February.

Thank goodness -- the goofing off with Crafty Girl jolted me out of my drywall dust induced stupor.

Yeah. As soon as the camera came out, they went hiding. He does NOT want his picture taken. Do I care? Nope!

By Sunday afternoon, he was gone again already, on the train back to Rochester. Dear friends came over to celebrate Annemarie's 13th birthday with us. Crafty Girl, I am sorry the dining room wasn't quite back together yet...

Thank you for that gorgeous smile. :)

Last night, I finally finally finished her socks. She had requested these a while back -- last fall? I had one skein each of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, colorway "Rainbow", and a Sisik fingering weight yarn in orange. She wanted the colors reversed on the pair, and loves them! These are just like my girl: bright, cheerful, fun, and daring. Here's to my teenager!


  1. Happy Birthday Crafty Girl!!!I love your new socks!
    Oh and the construction? I went thru 4 solid YEARS of it and i can tell you "this too shall pass"....

  2. A Shout out to AM "Happy Birthday Crafty Girl"!!
    Love the socks :-) she certainly inherited her mom's sense of design and color. Glad tall Son made it home. Is that celebration cake a cheesecake? Please share the recipe:-)
    Jackie conkling

  3. What is it about contractors? It took a plumber 4 weeks to install baseboard heating in the 2nd floor of my 150 year old house. 4 weeks? Actually, it took about 4 days...but he showed up when he felt like it, always acting like he'd been here just the day before...or was it a week? Argh!

    Happy Birthday, Crafty Girl.

  4. Look at those cool socks and that happy face!

    I got the contractor building our first house to finally finish up by telling him, I'm celebrating Thanksgiving in my house--or yours.

  5. The Socks are awesome - happy happy year 13 to your lovely daughter!

  6. Happy Birthday, Crafty Girl! :o))

  7. Teenager! Holy cow. Best wishes to the girlie. Love the socks. She has good taste!

  8. Those socks are wicked awesome! Love orange; it's such a fun, festive color. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  9. thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!
    ~crafty girl

  10. I love the socks! Your daughter looks so happy She is so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented mom. I haven't been able to thank you again for your very generous gift, which I treasure. And I have put part of the "knitting intervention" to work by taking a few weeks off - which I could never have done without your kindness. I am much less stressed and much better rested. You are such a special and thoughtful person. I cannot thank you enough. See you soon. Good luck with the rest of the construction. I can't wait to see how the colors turn out.

  11. Happy ( I know, I'm late ) Birthday Crafty Girl, I love your birthday cake candles.


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