Thursday, February 11, 2010


Bloggers ponder:

What to write? Why?

As I am watching the handiwork of craftsmen several generations ago being taken apart by my contractor,

I am completely in awe of the care that was taken to erect our house.
Care that would not be seen by anyone after the walls were covered with lath and plaster. Looking at my exposed dining room wall, I am struck by the beauty of the carefully measured lines.

The other day, my daughter came home with a completed art project from school, a Cityscape.

I love the bridgespan behind the buildings.

Every day, I ponder what I might blog about. There is watching, noting, noticing, picture taking, planning. Edits in my head before I even turn on the computer.
Some days are so busy that I never get that sit-down time to form an actual post. Some days I decide that nobody needs to know what goes on.
But how did I even get here?
I started to blog a little while after I closed my yarn shop. I had another blog, some of you may remember. I started to blog because so many of my former customers still wanted to know what I am doing with my life, my knitting, how my kids (Crafty Girl and Tall Son) are doing. I showed pictures of my yard and my flowers, of trips back home to Germany.
Last year, I began to dye a whole lot of yarn, and I felt there should be a division of Professional Blogging (ha!) and the Other Stuff. Well we all know how that ended up! While this change has been better for me, I am not sure what is has done for my readership. There are a lot fewer comments, there are several new faithful ones who always write (thank you!!). Every new post I prepare, I wonder who might still be reading.
But blog I shall. Always a bad writer of diaries, I need to keep this up, to tell you I am still here, to sometimes help brighten your day; to sometimes keep you on your toes ;) when the old soapbox gets dusted off; to always try to connect with some one.
Yesterday, there was a question about the Knitting Olympics, or ravelympics. Yes I am participating! I am making a Cross-Country Ski Hat from the book Norwegian Handknits. I am on Team StashDown, and participating in the Event: Nordic Colorwork Combined. I am also trying to get a handle on some Works in Progress by participating in WIPS-Dancing.
Ok after this bare-all post, I need to ask you: why do you READ blogs? And: do you have your own blog? Why do you blog?


  1. I read mostly knitting blogs -- trying to learn more about knitting from others' perspectives, but also to see what other knitters think about/do and how much knitting affects their lives! I confess to also reading some foodie blogs because I love to cook/bake and I'm always looking for something new. These blogs (the knitting and the cooking ones) usually talk about the process one takes to knit/cook and I love the knowing how it all came about.
    I have a blog for my shop for several reasons: I use that to showcase customer's projects since it's nice to show off your hard work. I also use it to write about my "adventures" of being a yarn shop owner -- never a dull moment. And I write about home since lots of fun things happen there and I think (I hope) people are interested in reading for the same reason I read knitting blogs -- to know what makes me tick and to see how knitting affects MY life.
    Keep blogging, Karen -- people ARE reading!

  2. Hi, Karin -- I read blogs for a variety of reasons. Sometimes because I love a writer's style, but more often because I am inspired by the blogger's knitting and colors and approach to the world . Reading those blogs makes me feel like part of a community. When I first started reading blogs, I didn't have many friends who were passionate knitters, and they filled that gap. Now, I feel connected to those bloggers I read steadily, even though most of you, if I think about it, have no idea who I am.

    I do have a blog -- new this year, with a friend, set up to chronicle our progress as we knit a pair of socks each month, each month with a specific category that we must adhere to. Sounds like a small goal, but the demands of work for pay and ordinary daily life take up a lot of time! We tried the same project last year and didn't make it even halfway through the year; we thought that blogging might make us more accountable. It's certainly been fun so far! And we're both two for two (but February was admittedly an easy month). I think you can click on my name to get to the blog; it is called Two Left Feet.

  3. Hi, Karin,
    I only ever read your blog(s)! So, for heaven's sake, don't stop blogging.

  4. I read blogs because I'm interested in people's writing. I read blogs to get into people's minds and understand them better. I write a blog to get into my own head and understand myself better. I wish regularly that I had more time to dive deeper. But there we are.

  5. Great replies so far! Thank you.

    Teri, no worries, I won't stop. :)

  6. Well, I don't have to tell you I have a blog ;) I love reading blogs, almost entirely to be inspired but also for information, you know, knitting tips, tutorials, recipes etc.

    I have to really think about why I write my own blog. Over the years the reasons have changed so much! Right now, as busy as we are, I blog to carve out some time for myself to just be still.

  7. Oh, I also meant to say that I love your walls just raw like that. I wish you could leave them like that!

  8. hi Karin,I like that you keep in touch and share your knitting with us. I like reading blogs for inspiration and education.I read knitting and art blogs. My tops are: Kemstudios for Painting my World, Paintsquared by Elizabeth fraser. For knitting there is Perwinkle Sheep(US), Kristin Nicholas(US), Born to knit( Norway), Skeinspotting (UK),TanisFiberArts (Canada),Yarnharlot and Wendyknits. I get joy, peace and creativity from them all. Please keep blogging. and I don't have a blog;-)
    Jackie Conkling

  9. I'm older and my hands are giving me problems so I'm doing much less crochet and knitting which leaves me terribly frustrated. I'd be lost without the blogs I read. At least I can still enjoy visually the lovely things I see and dream/imagine all that can be made from wonderful yarns. I really appreciate the people who take the time to blog. There would be a huge hole in my world without the bloggers.

  10. Abi I wish too that I could leave the wall "raw" like that! I could just hang some artwork on the studs...

  11. My question is: Did they put lathe and plaster back up or do you have boring old drywall now. ;o)

    As you know, I have a blog too. I started it because I didn't have a knitting group to meet with at the time and I needed to share what I was doing with the knitting world. I continue to blog because I have made many good friends through my blog and it's my way of keeping in touch.

  12. The perennial blog question... I am sure you know as well as I do that the number of comments is not a very reliable indicator that your blog is being read regularly and by quite a few "silent" readers. I think of a blog as the hi-tech version of a message in a bottle (less desperate, however!); eventually, haphazardly, it finds its readers. As time goes by I am more and more interested in the mental gymnastics that we knitters go through -- the self-doubts, the questionings, the going-on-a-limb, the safe or crazy choices, etc. I read blogs because I like to see how other knitters experience this internal monologue. And I write a blog because I value the discipline of putting my own process into words. I also do it because English is not my native language -- most of my other writing, such as it is, is done in French, and I wanted a place to practice and improve my written English. Posting takes a huge amount of time for me -- I am thoroughly unable to post off-the-cuff, otherwise I'd really like to post much more often.


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