Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am going to begin by making a long story short. I was in the hospital twice this week for heart palpitations; a racing heart that would not stop all night, twice. I tried every relaxation technique I could remember, nothing helped. After a whole lot of testing, the professional opinions vary from seeing blips in the EKG to me imagining everything and being anxious. Hell yeah, I'm anxious alright....who wouldn't be? Which comes first? Anxiety or palpitations? That is the question. I am now on a halter monitor and will see a cardiologist in 10 days.

Meanwhile, the dining room pretty much still looks like this. We are talking about week 5 now. Trying to keep my calm over this is increasingly difficult.

BUT!!!!! Then I got this

in the mail this week. A loving care package from my swap partner Gina, who participated in a gift swap set up by our lovely friend Leah.

Can you believe all these wonderful things?
A project bag with a bird screen print on it
a tin of tea - right after I post this I will run and have some!!
a beautiful, beautiful handknitted washcloth. I love the colors!
a handwritten card with a knitting pattern on it.

A bar of handmilled soap. I LOVE hand made soap.

And: fabulous Italian family recipies which I cannot wait to try out!! My guys will be so happy.

THANK YOU GINA!!! I also know there was a hug in that package. :) And thank you Leah for matching us up.

Now all I need to do is catch up with myself and get your package in the mail today!


  1. Hi Karin, wow, I hope everything will turn out allright. I'm glad you did go to the MD, too many times women don't when they should. PooPoo on all them who even had the nerve to say something as callous and inappropriate to suggest it was in your head, that is insensitive and unprofessional. I'm in your corner:-)

  2. That care package is enough to make your heart skip a beat in the nicest possible way :)

  3. Hearts. So much fun. I had a cardiologist downplay my cardiac cough (ie pulmonic valve impairment, comes and goes with the lupus), said it was nothing to worry about--and when I later said it came back and was forcing the air out of me every other heartbeat all night, he told me I should have gone to the ER, fast!

    Uh, and I knew that how, exactly? It's no big deal, right? You said...!

    Good luck and I hope all works out okay. Obviously mine did me no harm in the end. Remission time!

  4. Handmade soap? Knitted washcloth? Handmade soap? A bag with birds on it? Tea? I LOVE your partner!!!! Gosh, you've had a rough week! The package had to lift your spirits and make your heart "shine" (a favorite word in yoga)!! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hi! I am SO glad that you enjoy everything in the package!! I hope that you use everything in the best of health, too! Those recipes are super old stand-bys handed down from my great grandmother, believe it or not. When immigrant Italian families fell on hard times upon coming to America and again in the Depression, these recipes were the staples in their diet. Cheap, easy, and able to heartily fill their families' tummies! I think Peas & Pasta is my all-time favorite recipe ever.

    You know, my sister suffered from terrible illness about 8 years ago, including adrenal collapse and severe chronic fatigue syndrome. Her "doctor" told her that it was all in her head and that there really was no such thing as chronic fatigue syndrome. He prescribed an anti-depressant for her, which made matters worse. She went to a different doctor -- one that specialized in a more holistic approach -- and she has since not only recovered but is THRIVING and feeling better than she ever has before. She is now quite active (runs 8 miles a day) and even was healthy enough to have a baby 2.5 years ago.

    It's SO important to have a doctor that really listens to you and understands your issue.

    Anyway, I am relieved that you are feeling better! <3 ((HUG))

  6. Hi Karin, What a wonderful care package! I hope the dining room gets finished soon and that your heart co-operates! Sending you the best possible thoughts.


  7. Hope you are feeling better Karin! And what a perfect time to receive such a sweet package :)

  8. can i bring you dinner some night this week? or lunch? or anything? this sounds like a stressful week and also i think your package couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time. it was filled with such incredible things!

    do you have a flickr account? if not but want your photos added to the pool then send them to me and i will add them.

  9. And I wondered where you had been! Glad you are taking care of yourself - but please let me know if there is anything I can do!!! Anything.

  10. What a rotten week. I hope you can rest, attempt to relax, and try to let go of the things you can't control. Take care.


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