Thursday, February 18, 2010


Slowly, my house getting put back together. Dry wall is up. Dry wall dust, I can assure you, is NO. FUN. The guys doing the sanding didn't enjoy it too much either, they confessed to me. Only way they get through it is they think of the next step, painting, which they love.

Which means I get to go to the paint store and pick out swatches. And what do I find there?

I wonder if any of the color consultants at Sherwin-Williams are knitters?


  1. Hi Karin,that is funny:-)Thanks for the smile.

  2. so funny! i took those same swatches when we painted the living room! sw is the only paint i use. the best!

  3. That is so cool!! So, which did you choose??

  4. Teehee...none of the above, Rachel! Silly me gave the ones we picked to the contractor without taking a pic first. I figured, I'll be able to show you the walls soon, anyway!

  5. Oh the dust - I'm still finding hidden corners of it weeks after our bathroom is finished!

    I saw a paint swatch called Crochet last week...


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